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Diana Franklin-Ellis

Pretenders Discussion

1.á ááHere are some of points of view which I am sharing with you.

á á á Hiding limbs inside clothes is viewed by some as odd behaviour but it is rarely a sign of any mental illness that needs decisive and intrusive discipline or treatment.

2.á á Children often spontaneously hide their arms and legs inside stretchy clothes and other children around them do not find it unusual.

3.á ááIn dressing up games children like putting on their parents and older sisters clothes that enable them to get close to their relatives and hide their arms and legs without suspicion.

4.á áThe practice is probably instinctive human behaviour linked to being in a warm womb as a baby and then later being swaddled safely in a cot to restrict limb movement.

5.ááááFor a very small minority of people they have a persistent desire to lose their limbs and this is diagnosed as body dysmorphia which needs specialist help.

6.ááááThere is no reason why adolescents and adults should be ostracised for keeping their limbs warm by having the pleasure of self-cuddling inside their clothes repeatedly.

7.ááááAdults have many pleasures and vices like drink, drugs and self-gratification that are much more unpleasant than pretending to be armless or legless.

8.á ááInterestingly, women and crossdressing men are many more times likely and less uninhibited to hide their arms and legs inside tops, dresses, skirts and nighties.

9.áááThe reason for this phenomenon is probably that they are programmed to show their own femininity and vulnerability and have a need for comfort from parents, friends and partners.

10 Beyond warmth and comfort the practice of hiding limbs can provide an outlet for people who want to safely try a little self-bondage and eroticism without overtly showing it.

11áWomen and men will often go shopping for nighties, dresses, skirts and tops that have the stretch and are larger sizes to enable them to hide their limbs more comfortably and easily.

12ááThis probably explains why the proportion of plus size womens clothes purchased is far greater than the normal population profile because men are buying their plus size clothes.

13 There is a theory that some men and boys start crossdressing because the garments are more flowing and suitable for hiding limbs than normal boys and gents clothing.

14 Adolescent boys and young men will often enjoy masturbating discretely when hiding their arms inside skirts, dresses and nighties whilst being in secret private places.

15 During a lifetime putting a label on behaviour is difficult because child and adult desires are fluid and change as they find and create new experiences in different situations.

16 Everyone is on a journey in life, and if it means experimenting with crossdressing and pretending to be armless or legless in a non-obsessive way, then tolerance should be given.

17ááWe are all in a society which is built upon inclusiveness, respecting individuality and practicing equality.


18 If you want to see how common and fun pretending to armless or legless is, then search in Pinterest for Pretend 1 Arm, Pretend 2 Arm, Pretend 1 Leg, Pretend 2 Leg.áá



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